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    In order to ensure the...

    Because the booster cylinder is often in high-speed operation, it is easy to cause machine wear. Therefore, it should be operated according to the operation m...

  • 21 19-10

    Gas-liquid booster...

    Manual control (debug)Place the workpiece on the lower mold, open the valve 1 and let the valve inhale. At this time, the booster cylinder punch will quickly ap...

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    What are the advantages...

    The gas-liquid booster cylinder is another name for the booster cylinder.The booster cylinder is designed to be improved in combination with the advantages of t...


SuZhou Simitch Machinery CO.,LTD

Suzhou Schmitt Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in R&D, production and manufacture of pneumatic and hydraulic related products. The company was established in September 2006. The main products include: gas-liquid booster cylinder, auto parts press-fit machine, auto parts riveting special plane, plate connection technology, punching riveting technology, precision press-fit equipment, servo tightening production line, intelligent equipment and software system. Especially in the gas-liquid booster series products and related and pneumatic stamping equipment, we have many years of R&D and manufacturing experience...MORE>>

Tel: 13776173322 Fax: 53105101

Address: No. 88, Kuntai Road, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province (Tiangong Industrial Park)

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汽車零部件鉚接專機  汽車零部件鉚接專機

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